Currently obsessing over

Personal Improvement – Speed reading – Yes it’s a real thing.

I love to read but even more I love to consume information. Some things deserve your time but other are just about input speed. It’s the difference between necking a bottle of Chardonnay, so offensive you normally wouldn’t even use it for cooking, to get the desired effect and savouring every sip of  a well crafted  Shiraz. Each have their place.

Books – Psychology – Influence by Robert Cialdini

An oldie but timeless in many ways. Some of the content is so painfully obvious we do not give it a seconds thought. This book is borderline observational comedy. It’s also a good insight into how not to get fucked over by a salesman.

Podcasts – The Tim Ferriss Show

Sounds like a pompus name dropping wanker babbling on about his life that I secretly wish I had. Lots of great interviews with several amazing people. Tim is truly a non-conformist in every sense of the word and I love it.

Health & Wellbeing – Micro deficiencies – We are all slowly dying

The study of the effects of long term vitamin and mineral micro deficiencies. The body will divert the nutrients to the current demand leading to incremental DNA damage elsewhere which can lead to other nasty shit later in life. Ah!, you say, I take a multivitamin, well that can fuck things up too. Calcium and Magnesium vary fractionally and as such are interchangeable but not in the good way, meaning an abundance of one can overshadow the other – que the diet overhaul.

Tech – Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

If there is one technology that is about to explode it’s the above. The latter being the more difficult to achieve i.e. place something realistic in your existing surroundings via transparent goggles. Invariably it will be all about the pornographic applications and then what laws we have to create as a result of leaps in the industry, think Tinder combined with VR and hepatic suits. Watch the terrible movie Surrogates for a snapshot of the not so distant future.

Finance – The Presidential Election and the price of renewable energy stocks

Clinton is for, Trump is against all thing renewable, watch this space. I’ve just bought stock in an american solar company to purchase which I had to exchange AUD to USD, it’s a double gamble but surely Trump can’t win can he?

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